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December/January 2019

December/January 2019

The Tool Issue

December/January 2019 cover


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This issue is all about tools. You'll find tiny hammers, three-headed shovels, trowels with teeth, handmade paintbrushes, and more. Plus, we talk self-care with the force behind Wellness for Makers and explore the craft scene in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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Feature Articles

Joie de Vivre

Hawaii artist Esther Shimazu’s figures exude happiness in the raw.

Gray Area

In vivid embroideries, Jordan Nassar considers how divergent cultures overlap and coexist.

On Her Own Terms

An artist and instructor, Alison Croney Moses sees no reason to be boxed in.

Tools from the Sideways Universe

With his unconventional sculpture, Howard Jones turns everyday objects on their heads.

More from This Issue

Deborah Kruger Cambodia

A Different Feather

As textile artist Deborah Kruger turns to plastics, she’s finding new dimensions in her work.
Charissa Brock Allegro

Big Bamboo

In bamboo, artist Charissa Brock has found passion, inspiration, and ongoing challenge.
Tom Joyce, Tenet

Ghost in the Machine

Tom Joyce pays tribute to the instruments and equipment that were once indispensable in his daily practice.
Stacey Lee Webber Joseph Leroux

Home Makers

Stacey Lee Webber and Joseph Leroux’s Philadelphia abode is more than a place to live and work; it’s also a mini-neighborhood.
Ruth Adler Schnee Fission Chips

It’s All Design

Ruth Adler Schnee distilled the optimism of midcentury modernism in her textile designs. Now her work is getting a well-deserved second look.
Andy Cooperman pliers

Prisoners of Their Own Devices

Tools can be a big investment, but that doesn’t make them precious. Metalsmith Andy Cooperman argues for makers to use, rather than worship, their tools.