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December/January 2018

December/January 2018

December/January 2018 American Craft cover

The December/January issue of American Craft is available now. Our cover story is about New Mexico ceramist Cannupa Hanska Luger, who uses clay as a tool for exposing misconceptions. You'll also learn about woodworker Ellie Richards' lively sculpture and furniture, the International Museum of Dinnerware Design, the craft scene in Copenhagen, Denmark, and more.

Articles will become available online throughout December and January. To read the articles sooner than they're available online, become a member and enjoy a subscription to American Craft magazine as part of your ACC membership.

Feature Articles

It's the End of the World As They Know It

Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber’s vision of the future is miniature, intricate, and apocalyptic.

Merry Maker

Woodworker Ellie Richards is dead serious about play.

The Spaces Between

Tim Tate no longer feels invisible, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped looking within.

Creative Disruption

Cannupa Hanska Luger builds sculptures and installations that shatter misconceptions.

More from This Issue

Erin Smith neon lamp

Bent Into Shape

Erin Smith’s career path has taken as many twists and turns as her colorful clay-and-neon lamps.
Jane Waggoner Deschner Family Suit

Photo Finish

A picture is worth a thousand words – especially when it’s sliced, stitched, or printed on unexpected materials.
David Oliveira wire scribble sculptures

Place Settings

The International Museum of Dinnerware Design doesn’t yet have a permanent home, so director Margaret Carney stores the collection in her Ann Arbor abode.
Sarah Marriage in studio

Sisterhood Is Powerful

Baltimore furniture maker Sarah Marriage on sexism in the woodshop and why she created a place for women to take risks and build experience.

The Good Life

Cozy and laid-back, Copenhagen is a must-visit for foodies, designers, makers, and others with a keen sense of style.
Eric Bright Rebecca guitar

Tone Diver

Wood in Eric Bright’s guitars comes from a surprising source: the bottom of the lake he lives by.