December/January 2016

December/January 2016

December/January 2016 cover of American Craft magazine

Featured Articles

Kiyomi Iwata tracing

Always Unfolding

Curiosity, creativity, and optimism guide Kiyomi Iwata in the evolution of her life and her art.

Daniel Hopper, tornado chandelier

The Sweet Spot

Art and functionality meet in the precisely envisioned work of Daniel Hopper.

Claire Van Vliet


Book artist Claire Van Vliet, surrounded by the papers and the landscape she loves, is always ready to create.

Tara Locklear portrait

Precious Mettle

Iconoclastic jewelry artist Tara Locklear depends on skateboards and cement for her raw materials.

In This Issue

Reineke Hollander, Father & Mother

Gimme Shelter

Julie K. Hanus spots six artists exploring the idea of shelter.

Tile Makes the Room: Good Design from Heath Ceramics

In Good Taste

New books, including Heath Ceramics' Tile Makes the Room...

Marvin Bjurlin and Christina Rausa

Labor of Love

An accomplished potter and a craft show director have surrounded themselves with works by people they care about.