December/January 2010

December/January 2010

Featured Articles

A Young Crafter Cuts Up Tradition

Sometimes craft skills skip a generation. DIY practitioner Meribah Knight looks to her grandmother's sewing circle for inspiration while adapting it to the Internet age.

Ron Nagle: Fishing Around for Chords

This California master pares things down to a narrow set of parameters within which he finds extraordinary richness. Maria Porges reflects on how his approach to clay borrows from his parallel enterprise as a musician.




Aileen Osborn Webb Awards 2009

Recognizing ten individuals for their contributions to the craft field, the American Craft Council honors its own for leadership, artistry and service.

In This Issue

Domestic Subversion

Elizabeth Lopeman explores Laura Splan's use of surprising materials such as facial peel
and her references to both textiles and body elements.


Makers' Voices

The voices of makers are heard through letters, reports, articles, notes and oral histories.


Marques Marzan

The Hawaiian artist keeps his cultural traditions alive with modern designs.


Portsmouth, NH: A Harbor for Craft

Meganne Fabrega finds Portsmouth, NH, a coastal city, to be a welcoming destination for craft, offering a sense of history and abundant cultural happenings.

Staged Stories

Sarah Tanguy appraises the narrative work of four artists in the Renwick Gallery‘s biennial invitational.



Subtle Beauty

The jewelry on display at Shibumi Gallery in Berkeley, CA, is enhanced by its surroundings.


The Craft of Illusion

Julian LaVerdiere brings a craft/art background to the seemingly magical realm of production design for films and commercials. Jeremy Lebensohn looks into the process behind the illusion.




The Metalwork of Albert Paley

In the April 1973 Craft Horizons, Allan Peterson wrote about Albert Paley's outsized jewelry, the focus of his early career. Christine Kaminsky documents the Rochester artist's subsequent achievements in monumental sculptural and architectural metalwork and the recognition it has brought him over more than three decades.



TV’s Timbersports leads Glenn Adamson to consider crafts judged by process instead of results.


Urban Epic

Arnie Zimmerman invades RISD with with a miniature city.