December/January 2008

December/January 2008

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Port to Port

Robert Sullivan wondered why the two Portlands loom large in the world of craft in the United States. After two weeks exploring both cities and their environs, he has some ideas.

A Tale of Two Houses

The North Carolina artist Randy Shull likes to explore all sorts of media-from furniture and sculpture to painting and woodcarving. However, he may have met his biggest challenge renovating his own house and then that of a friend right down the street.


Your New Best Friends: Steven and William Ladd

Lily Kane gets to know the Brooklyn-based brothers William and Steven Ladd, whose projects-elaborate beaded objects in personalized packaging-flow freely between the worlds of fashion, design, art and craft.

In This Issue


Blown Away by Clay

Passion animates Dubhe CarreƱo's voice when she talks about her gallery, opened in 2004 in Chicago.


Celebrating Creativity

"I have a really strong community up there," Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend says of her decades-old ties to the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washi


Chris Antemann

Chris Antemann's figural porcelain vignettes, such as her 2007 piece Gather, are naughty, full of quasi-18th-century harlots and housemaid

Golda Lewis: From collage to compage

In the August 1970 Craft Horizons, Golda Lewis wrote about her handmade paper collage work and how it fit into her painting and sculpture. Here we revisit what the artist called "compage."


London Craft: Doing the Experimental

Alison Bourke takes us on a tour of the London craft scene during one of the city's busiest times of year-the London Design Festival building up to the Origin and Collect shows.


Max Lamb: Furniture on the Beach

Virginia Gardiner spends a theoretical day at the beach with furniture maker Max Lamb and his Pewter Stools cast in sand and also learns a thing or two about his new Poly Chairs.


Mining Glass

By Juli Cho Bailer
Museum of Glass
Tacoma, Washington


Multiples of Two

Some say that bad things come in threes. Others expect good things to come in pairs. Andrew Wagner ponders both and reflects on the multiple ways to interpret today's craft scene.

Museo Robert Brady: A Collector in Cuernavaca

Expatriate Robert Brady spent years building a collection of art and craft from around the world in an old Franciscan monastery in Cuernavaca, Mexico. After his death, in 1986, his home was converted into what is now called the Museo Robert Brady. Now this immense, once very private collection is open for all to enjoy, including our writer, Mija Riedel.

The Object of Labor & Far from the Tree

Pamela Scheinman curls up with The Object of Labor, a many faceted anthology on fiber, and Nicols Fox takes in "Far from the Tree" at the Messler Gallery in Rockport, Maine.

The Only Coral Reef in Los Angeles

Arnie Cooper explores the only coral reef in Los Angeles-it's far from the ocean, yet surprisingly close to space, courtesy of the Wertheim sisters.


Tutto E' Luce

Wherever he goes, be it a restaurant or a friend's new house in Tuscany, Cosimo Terzani can't help but notice the light.