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August/September 2015

August/September 2015

August/September 2015 American Craft magazine

Feature Articles

To Be Seen

Photographer and pop-up book maker Colette Fu documents the diversity of China’s Yunnan Province.

Let It Grow

At their home in West Seattle, Deborah Schwartzkopf and George Rodriguez are putting down roots – and cultivating their community.

Sublimely Sharp

Though he says he's easily bored, John Bisbee finds nails endlessly fascinating.

Clear Focus

Melissa Cody is both a fourth-generation Navajo weaver and a contemporary artist, deftly balancing tradition and self-expression.

More from This Issue

2014 “Craft School Experience” exhibition

Five Fingers, One Hand

A group of the nation’s premier craft schools is working together toward a brighter, and bigger, future.

What Happened Today

Let the Record Show

A new show at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft upends ideas about what’s fit to print.

Evelyn Craft Belger and Dick Belger

The Big Picture

In Kansas City, Dick Belger and Evelyn Craft Belger are working to support the arts, across the country and in their own backyard.

Jo Hamilton, I Crochet Portland

Two Threads

Jo Hamilton combines her experience as a painter with her love of crochet.