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August/September 2014

August/September 2014

 August/September 2014 American Craft magazine cover

Feature Articles

Art + Science

Erik and Martin Demaine apply mathematical rigor to uncommon origami.

Breaking the Surface

An eye for new perspectives has propelled Mary Giles throughout her career.

The Slow Way

Five fashion designers make patience a virtue.

Man of the World

Stephen Burks works directly with artisans around the globe to create unique, high-end goods.

More from This Issue

Alex Matisse Charger

Coming Home to Clay

Alex Matisse thought he’d left pottery behind, but his longtime passion had other ideas.

April Higashi, Shiro brooch

Golden Age

Seven artists explore the allure of gold, gilt, and other glamorous surfaces. 

Garment Center Pilot Program Classes

Means of Production

Manufacture New York aims to restore the city’s status as a fashion-production powerhouse.

Lauren Vanessa Tickle, 2013 Piece

Money Talks

Jeweler Lauren Vanessa Tickle's currency conversions.

John Wetenhall

New Digs

A chat with the Textile Museum's director John Wetenhall about the organization's new digs.

Erik Noren, The Evil Dead Bike

Total Overhaul

Erik Noren’s bicycle designs aren’t just flashy; they’re also built beautifully.