August/September 2012

August/September 2012

American Craft

Feature Articles

Into the Flow

A mid-career transition and a flood in Italy led Katherine Glover to craft memorable works in paper.

Peace, Love, and Topiary

A man named Pearl answers his doubters with an extraordinary garden.

Chair Master

Robert Erickson’s careful approach combines craft, comfort, and timeless beauty.

The Nature of Invention

Through his painted porcelain sculptures, Jason Walker asks us to ponder technology, wilderness, and our place in the world.

More from This Issue

Natalie Chanin Portrait

At Ease

To Natalie Chanin, Alabama Chanin is not a business; it’s a lifestyle company.
David Huang Radiant Efflorescence #831

Heart of Gold

David Huang is best known for his striking metal vessels with golden interiors.
Tammy and Leroy Garcia

Innovation & Refinement

Blue Rain Gallery takes an expansive view of art, while staying rooted in Native American expression.
Raw + Material = Art

No Limits

Reviewing Made in New York, Furniture Studio, and more...
Log & 5Rings, 2011

The Intimate Exchange

In her own way, New York-based jewelry designer Ruta Reifen uses materials to express ideas too.
Rhoda Baer Red and Orange Squares


Rhoda Baer’s elegant, understated vessels and sculptures.