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April/May 2019

April/May 2019

The Animal Issue

April/May 2019 cover


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This issue is all about animals. You'll find needle-felted animal portraits, bovine-themed ceramics, and a plethora of work made from porcupine quills, pine cones, petals, plant parts, and more. Plus, we visit the beautiful and art-friendly city of Tucson, Arizona.

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Feature Articles

Unnatural Selection

In fiber, wood, and clay, Laurel Roth Hope reflects on humanity’s effect on the environment.

Wildlife Preserve

JoAnna Poehlmann’s apartment may look like a natural history museum, but her habitat fuels her living, breathing art practice every day.

Aqua Man

Raven Skyriver’s flawless sculptures pay homage to the marine ecosystem.

From Flora to Fauna

With pine cones, petals, and other plant parts, Raku Inoue fashions delicate creatures destined for decomposition.

More from This Issue

The Burden of Motion and Ambition

Animal as Metaphor

With animals as their muse, artists respond in felt, clay, wood, and animal matter itself.
Napping Jojo, Moccasin pet bed

Best in Show

Handy goods for pets from Habifab, Napping JoJo, Cask & Hide, Katris, and Billy Wolf.
Dani Ives, Jet

Dani Ives

Dani Ives uses her biology background to realistically render animal likenesses in needle-felted artwork, including commissioned pet portraits.
Elliott Kayser, Altered Landscape

Elliott Kayser

For Elliott Kayser, the cow is a deep well of exploration into culture, place, and the disconnection of modern life from nature.
Fran Reed vessel

From Nature

A Racine Art Museum show explores artists’ use of natural materials.
Blue Mountain Farm and Fiber Mill yarn

Good Shepherds

A small-batch fiber mill treats your wool as if it were its own.
Brooke Weston, Dolores

Hide Away

Brooke Weston often doesn’t plan her pieces beforehand. Instead, the Los Angeles artist improvises her way through them.
Rogan Brown, Magic Circle Colour

Micro Magic

Paper artist Rogan Brown examines the smallest slices of life.
Dana Warrington, men’s powwow-style headband

Slow Art

Dana Warrington transforms porcupine quills into works of art, one meticulous step at a time.
Elizabeth Goluch’s Carpenter Ants (Work Is Play)

Sorry to Bug You

Elizabeth Goluch celebrates some of the animal kingdom’s least-loved members.
The Sculpture of Robyn Horn

Strength Training

Book reviews of The Sculpture of Robyn Horn, Intersection: Art & Life, and How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist.
Collaboration with a Bird V #2

The Avian Influence

Metalsmith Teresa Faris' creative partner, who she calls her “greatest teacher,” is an umbrella cockatoo.