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April/May 2016

April/May 2016

April/May 2016 American Craft magazine cover

Feature Articles

Space Is the Place

Sarah and Joseph Belknap look to the skies to find their artistic mission.

Coast to Coast

From California to Ireland and back again, Laura Mays and her partner, Rebecca Yaffe, have found abundant inspiration.

Landing Places

LJ Roberts has a home in the activist tradition of textiles.

Agent of Change

Drawing on his own experiences, Roberto Lugo speaks for many.

More from This Issue

Bill Gudenrath Untitled

Glass from the Past

Bill Gudenrath has spent his career uncovering how glass – ancient and historical – was crafted.

HAiK W Design

North Star: Oslo

The Norwegian capital is gathering steam as an international hub of craft. 

Shannon Rankin Map Sculpture

Origin Stories

What creates a sense of place is as wide-ranging as human perception...

Morgan Madison Farewell


With glass, cardboard, and a keen eye, Morgan Madison creates a diary of the built and natural worlds.