April/May 2015

April/May 2015

American Craft magazine April/May 2015 issue cover

Featured Articles

Steven Siegel Portrait

It's About Time

Steven Siegel's work challenges our idea of permanence - and our place on the planet.

Mariko Kusumoto Portrait

Objects of Wonder

From fantastical metal sculptures to captivating fiber works, Mariko Kusumoto's artwork entices us to look closer.

Mary Jackson Portrait

Root and Branch

With her distinguished career, Mary Jackson has left her mark on a long tradition.

In This Issue

Rowland Ricketts Locks Of Dyed Wool

Dirt to Dye

On their farm and in the studio, Rowland and Chinami Ricketts are carrying forward indigo traditions.

Collage by Paul Davis

From a Tree to a Web

Perhaps taking its cues from nature, the art world is becoming less hierarchical; critics should take heed.

Brigitte Bouquet And Dick DeLange

Mixed Media

Artist Brigitte Bouquet blends the natural and handcrafted in her home and in her work.

The Manly Art Of Knitting Cover

The Long View

Reviews of three noteworthy books, including The Manly Art of Knitting...