April/May 2009

April/May 2009

Featured Articles


Studio on the Street

The metalsmith Gabriel Craig is taking handmade jewelry to the streets of Richmond,


Urban Fabric

Kathryn Pannepacker’s hand-painted murals have turned some of Philadelphia’s grittier neighborhoods into a panoramic bazaar of global textiles.

In This Issue


Against the Grain

Erik Scollen considers how 10 artists rooted to craft through techniques and materials straddle the border of functional and sculptural objects.


Frances Palmer Pottery

Whether quirky or classic, every piece of Frances Palmer’s pottery has its own unique personality.


Fruitful Partnership

Two heads are better than one when textile dealer Robert Coffland and his wife, Mary Hunt Kahlenberg, merge strengths and styles to operate TAI Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


In Praise of Poop

Iain Aitch gives us the scoop on the amazingly creative, aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly uses to which a London-based artist puts one of the world's foremost gross-out materials-poop.

Jennifer Angus and the Insect Kingdom

Setting aside the yuck factor, how does Jennifer Angus find and acquire the thousands of
insects she deploys in her remarkable wallpaper-like installations? Jody Clowes explores
her art and tracks her adventures as a bug collector.


Magnificent Obsessions

A world-class museum shines the spotlight on mindbogglingly labor-intensive handworks from all eras and cultures.


Nancy Jurs: Deja Vu

Thomas Piche Jr. critiques 50 years of Jurs’s work on display at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse.


New Orleans, Louisiana: All that Craft

In the shadows of jazz bands, gumbo chefs and recently even "Top Chefs," an eclectic visual arts scene is thriving in galleries, museums, arts centers and on the streets of New Orleans. Sonya Stinson takes its pulse.