What’s the one thing you buy that you wish you could make yourself?

What’s the one thing you buy that you wish you could make yourself?

Published on Monday, July 22, 2013. This article appears in the August/September 2013 issue of American Craft Magazine.
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Carol Sauvion

Carol Sauvion

I can answer the question with one great word: Pots. I wish I had time to make them as I did 35 years ago!
~Carol Sauvion, owner, Freehand Gallery, Los Angeles

I collect and use studio pottery made by some of today’s most talented American artists: Paul Eshelman (Illinois), Maren Kloppmann (Minnesota), Brian R. Jones (Oregon), and Sanam Emami (Colorado), to name a few. I admire and respect the quality of their work and commitment to their craft. While I wish I could make studio pottery at their level, I am happy to support them through my advocacy and purchases.
~Fabio J. Fernández, exhibitions director, the Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston

I consider myself an ultimate consumer – an informed, very picky consumer. When asked what I buy that I wish I could make myself, not one but four items immediately came to mind: shoes, cutlery, dishes, and books. As I progress on my own creative path, I’m thankful to be a part of a creative community where, if needed, I can seek out these handcrafted items and continue to focus on my own independent research, focusing on process while doing so.
~Faythe Levine, filmmaker, author, and curator, Milwaukee

I would love to build my own bicycle. My frequent rides help clear my head and keep me healthy. The day I was asked to write a response to this question, I was riding a route that intersected with a time-trial race. While I won’t mention the number of cyclists that passed me on the route, as they sped by I kept thinking that my ride would be a lot more fun if I were riding a custom handmade bicycle.

I would build my dream bicycle from different types of wood to capture the beauty of the different grains and colors. I would customize my bike to fit my body and riding style, and create a unique name and logo to make it very obvious that I’m cruising ona handbuilt bicycle. ~Christopher H. Amundsen, executive director, American Craft Council, Minneapolis

I love dangling earrings that are vertically exquisite. A recent pair I purchased from the Society for Contemporary Craft are painted baby blue and gold, with 3D-printed classic gem-like structures that hang from a delicate chain. I often mourn the loss of a single earring, like when your favorite cup breaks. Of course it gives me (and another maker) the opportunity to form a new love triangle with the latest pair of handmade beauties.
~Holly Hanessian, professor of art, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL