Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

February/March 2020 issue of American Craft magazine
Author Staff
Millie Lottie tote

Millie Lottie tote

Jan Hammock

A roomy and durable Millie Lottie tote is designed to accommodate all that we carry into and out of our kitchens, from groceries to piping-hot, potluck-bound casseroles. Each is handcrafted in San Francisco with a reduced carbon footprint in mind. Case in point: The bag’s production team lives within two miles of owner Jan Hammock’s studio. 


Hyggelight candle

Photo: Hyggelight

A Growing Candle by Toledo, Ohio, company Hyggelight Candles is designed to stay out of landfills once it’s used; the paper label is embedded with wildflower seeds to plant in the now-empty ceramic pot. Its production also results in nearly zero waste – less than one household-sized garbage bag per month.

turkey wing whisk

Photo: Olivia Vigil

Eco-conscious homeowners will appreciate String Creek Crafts’ turkey wing whisk broom, which is as gorgeous on a wall as it is useful for sweeping up crumbs. Made to last, each is hand-tied by stay-at-home mom Caryn Fisher in Northern California.  


meditation pillows

Photo: Maggie Dimmick

After witnessing the textile waste produced by the fashion industry, Ethel Studio founder Maggie Dimmick devoted herself to using only fabrics salvaged from production facilities and fashion company offices. Her zero-waste meditation pillows combine mindful living with that original imperative – and they provide extra seating for guests, too.