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Market: Handmade Wallpapers Making Bold Statements

Market: Handmade Wallpapers Making Bold Statements

Market: Handmade Wallpapers Making Bold Statements

Summer 2021 issue of American Craft magazine
Small wooden table with center piece beside wall with bold green textured wallpaper

For Reverie, Calico Wallpaper co-founder Rachel Cope drew inspiration from the playful spirit of her daughter Willow’s artwork. Read more below. Photo courtesy of Calico Wallpaper.

Bold Statements. These wallpapers crafted by innovative American companies offer unique texture, color, and vibe. Looking to add an original stamp to your walls? Look here!

This five-color wallpaper—part of the Tangle collection by Makelike, Mary Kysar and Topher Sinkinson’s multidisciplinary graphic design collective in Portland, Oregon—is hand-screenprinted using water-based inks on recyclable paper. It’s available in four other color schemes. Photo by Scott Darling. / $200 per 5-yard roll, $10 sample | @makelikedesign

five-color printed wallpaper sample with navy blues and coral oranges in a leaf pattern
Two people sitting at a craft able with books and paper samples in front of wall with a vibrant wallpaper

Makelike founders Mary Kyser (right) and Topher Sinkinson. Photo by Dina Avila.

Bright pink and green floral wallpaper sample with slight reflective sheen

From Flavor Paper comes Kabloom, a reflective paper that picks up colors and movements in the room. Well known for using unexpected materials and new technology (holographic! scratch-and-sniff!), Flavor Paper started on the Oregon coast and is now based in Brooklyn. Photo courtesy of Flavor Paper. / $370 per 27 in. x 15 ft. roll, $125 per 27 x 54 in. sheet, $5 sample | @flavorpaper

Three artists working together over a long craft bench creating colorful paint splotches on paper

Artisans at Flavor Paper create a design using a monoprint technique. Photo courtesy of Flavor Paper.

Calico Wallpaper in Brooklyn, founded by Rachel and Nick Cope, combines artisanal methods such as traditional marbling and dip-dyeing with digital technologies. To create papers in the Reverie collection, Rachel Cope layered her own paintings over artwork by her daughter, creating texture and depth. Photo courtesy of Calico Wallpaper. / $28 per sq. foot, $10 sample / $625 | @calicowallpaper

Dark forest green wallpaper sample with large blotchy pale green brush strokes
Two older people and a younger child posing together in room with handpainted paper

Calico Wallpaper's Reverie collection celebrates the boundless creativity of childhood and the bond between mother and child. Photo by Matthew Johnson.

Wallpaper sample with black backdrop and goldleaf brush strokes

Founded in Arkansas by Christian and Heidi Batteau, Assemblage’s methods include “pushing marble dust, encaustic, resin leaf and micaceous powders beyond the historical limits.” In this paper from the Basho Leaf collection, calligraphic strokes of gold leaf are hand-applied on marble plaster paper. / $310 per linear yard through | @assembledarts

Group of artists working paper projects on two long craft benches in a studio room

Artisans working on Gothic Leaf wallpaper at Assemblage. The Arkansas studio operates on a 100 percent caught rainwater system and is housed in a repurposed seed mill. Photo courtesy of Assemblage.

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