Handmade Outside

Handmade Outside

Handmade Outside

April/May 2013 issue of American Craft magazine
Author Staff
Jim Schatz, Birdhouse

Jim Schatz, Birdhouse. Photo: J. Schatz

Damian Velasquez
Outdoor furniture isn’t all plastic chairs and picnic benches. Damian Velas­quez’s line of colorful, powder-coated stainless steel furniture recreates the classic forms of indoor furniture in surprisingly comfortable, slightly overstated durable designs. Water can’t pool in the steel mesh, and the finish is rust-resistant, making these chairs a great fit for your porch, yard, or outdoor living room.

Brandon Williams
Modfire outdoor fireplaces are midcentury-influenced, with tapered lines reminiscent of the Apollo space program. Each fireplace is handbuilt in Brandon Williams’ studio, where a single person on his team creates each one, ensuring a maker’s touch and continuity throughout every fireplace. Full-size and tabletop models will keep you warm on those crisp spring evenings.

Jim Schatz
Good design is finally for the birds. Jim Schatz’ glossy ceramic egg-shaped houses are hip shelter for the modern sparrow, and the Bistro feeders make dining alone or in flocks much more fashionable. Both are durable and squirrel-resistant, so you can rest easy knowing your birds are well fed and sleeping in style.

Casey Dzierlenga
The quintessential wooden swing for that lucky child or child at heart, made with love and style by Casey Dzierlenga. The sleek yet sturdy form is carved from reclaimed oak, and includes a hemp rope attached with traditional hangman’s knots to sling over a strong branch.

Sewn Natural
Eat on the ground in luxury. This quilted blanket by Sewn Natural is three layers thick for comfort and durability. A soft cotton flannel core is sandwiched between two layers of fabric; many, like the one shown here, use collectible Marimekko prints. The blanket is just shy of five feet square, with room enough for a family picnic and a post-lunch nap.

Colleen Jordan
Get back to nature with this wearable planter from Colleen Jordan. Each watertight vessel is 3D-printed in acrylic polymer and finished by hand. Attached to a necklace, the vessel makes it easy to bring along something small, green, and living wherever you go.