Earth, Bird, and Stone

Earth, Bird, and Stone

Published on Thursday, September 7, 2017. This article appears in the August/September 2017 issue of American Craft Magazine.
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Erin LaRocque pendant

Erin LaRocque designs necklaces around minuscule flora.

Erin LaRocque

Erin LaRocque designs necklaces around minuscule flora, highlighting the overlooked beauty of weeds and small flowers. The Chicago jeweler laser-cuts oak frames to fit each plant before encasing it in resin.

Seattle native Katie Marks creates radiant mugs with hand-formed ceramic “crystals” and 22k gold luster. The self-taught artist began her career with a pottery wheel from Craigslist and a passion for clay. After apprenticing with a production potter, she now sells a whimsical line of crystalline cups, galaxy mugs, and rainbow vases.

Using real feathers and 100 percent silk, English company FeatherGameBirdsUK creates custom works of wearable art – from pins to fascinators to bow ties – for those looking to soar into formal events in style.

New York designers Kai Williams and Chen Chen make furniture and home accessories with a twist: Their Stone Fruit planters are cast from molds of actual avocados, melons, pineapples, and napa cabbage.

Following her preference for organic materials and a sculptural approach to design, Hungarian artist Flóra Vági folds, cuts, and paints in wood, paper, and metal to create enchanting objects that can be worn – or simply displayed.