Around the World

Around the World

Artists from near and far continue to reinvent craft.
Published on Monday, July 15, 2019. This article appears in the June/July 2019 issue of American Craft Magazine.
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Craft is a realm of influences – practices passed down, reimagined, and revitalized – on scales both local and global. Small towns in Mexico are known for their work in black clay, Scandinavia is synonymous with a distinct design aesthetic, the Indian subcontinent draws from an ever-evolving tapestry of craft heritage, and it’s all cross-pollinated by patterns of migration. For our international issue, we looked beyond our borders to a small sampling of the panoply from other countries: textiles in India, ceramics in Korea, glass in Australia, furniture in Sweden, and metalsmithing in Mexico. The artists profiled don’t necessarily embody these traditions to the letter – they are far too complex and multi-layered – but they offer a glimpse into the remarkable breadth of the craft world. ~The Editors

India: Weaving It Together

Australia: The Land of Oz

Mexico: Bringing It With Her

Sweden: The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Korea: Twice-Told Tales