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American Craft

American Craft

American Craft is a quarterly magazine for artists and appreciators of the handcrafted.

From handmade objects used daily in our homes to fine craft honored in museums, American Craft celebrates the diversity of American craft and its makers.

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Cover of the Summer 2024 issue of American Craft magazine

Current Issue

American Craft’s Summer 2024 issue is focused on the theme savor.

Craft can help us slow down and create a life filled with more gratitude and connectedness. Simply spending time appreciating the materials, labor, and creative vision that go into making handcrafted objects can usher in a sense of wonder. In this issue, take a moment to pause with our roundup of handcrafted benches, enjoy togetherness with mocktails or cocktails served in handcrafted glassware, take pleasure in the bounty of food with sculptural knives by Everett Noel, and delight in discovering local craft through the latest installment of The Scene: Craft in the Twin Cities.

We hope this issue, and the work featured within, will inspire you to find new ways to savor the world around you, the season of summer, and the elements of daily life.

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Kate Greenberg with her lighting fixtures Radiator and Felled Sky. Photo by Sahra Jajarmikhayat.

The Queue: Kate Greenberg

Domestic life comes into focus in Kate Greenberg’s objects and furniture. In The Queue, the Oakland, California–based designer and maker shares about visiting an underground grotto, the craft community in the Bay Area, and the stone benches that she’d love to have in her own home.

Matthias Pliessnig wood art. Photo courtesy of artist.

A Good Place to Sit

A well-designed bench offers us a moment of rest and reflection—and a beauty all its own.

Everett Noel, 2023. Photo by Kian Berreman.

The Queue: Everett Noel

For Everett Noel, the handcrafted is a way of life. In The Queue, the Northern California knife maker shares about his habit of trading work with other makers at craft shows, the collaborative projects he’s working on, and the unique settings in Northern California where he’s seen art exhibitions.

Alexandra Llewellyn’s Butterfly backgammon set features semi-precious playing pieces and a fumed eucalyptus box. Photo by the artist.

On Board

The ancient game of backgammon is thriving, thanks to legions of die-hard players and a handful of craftspeople who create elegant, intricate sets.

Kristina Batiste. Photo by Ben McDonald.

The Queue: Kristina Batiste

Kristina Batiste’s minimalist ceramics are a tactile invitation to conversation. In The Queue, the Tacoma, Washington–based artist shares about the minimalist artists who inspire her, her favorite everyday tools, and an artwork that stopped her in her tracks.

Knife maker Everett Noel lives in this cabin his parents built near Grass Valley, California. Photos by Gabriela Hasbun.

Forging A Path

A young Northern California knife maker creates stunning blades—and an integrated artistic life—finding inspiration in the work of his heroes.

Kristina Batiste created This is not a cup during the summer of 2020. These ceramic protest signs provide conversational openings in the private sphere. Black stoneware, underglaze, cardboard, 2.75 x 3 in. Photo by Ben McDonald.

Power In Simplicity

Ceramic artist Kristina Batiste creates tableware and sculptures imbued with a subtle yet formidable force.

Cedric Mitchell. Photo by Hugo Ahlberg.

The Queue: Cedric Mitchell

Cedric Mitchell makes funky glassware and design objects that enhance the drinking experience. In The Queue, the Los Angeles–based glassblower and designer shares his dream collaborations, how chromotherapy principles guide his work, and the strengths of the craft community in LA.