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American Craft Council

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We're here to help craft flourish.

The American Craft Council is a national nonprofit working to keep the craft community connected, inspired, and supported.

Recently Published Stories

  • Everett Noel, 2023. Photo by Kian Berreman.

    The Queue: Everett Noel

    For Everett Noel, the handcrafted is a way of life. In The Queue, the Northern California knife maker shares about his habit of trading work with other makers at craft shows, the collaborative projects he’s working on, and the unique settings in Northern California where he’s seen art exhibitions.

  • Alexandra Llewellyn’s Butterfly backgammon set features semi-precious playing pieces and a fumed eucalyptus box. Photo by the artist.

    On Board

    The ancient game of backgammon is thriving, thanks to legions of die-hard players and a handful of craftspeople who create elegant, intricate sets.

  • Kristina Batiste. Photo by Ben McDonald.

    The Queue: Kristina Batiste

    Kristina Batiste’s minimalist ceramics are a tactile invitation to conversation. In The Queue, the Tacoma, Washington–based artist shares about the minimalist artists who inspire her, her favorite everyday tools, and an artwork that stopped her in her tracks.

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Cover of the Fall 2021 issue of American Craft magazine

American Craft Magazine

Fall 2021 / Kinship

The 80th anniversary issue of American Craft focuses on relationships—from an artist’s deep connection to materials to the networks of people within the larger craft ecosystem.