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ACC Giving Week

ACC Giving Week

Show Your Love for Craft

Show Your Love for Craft During ACC Giving Week
May 21–27, 2O23

To celebrate the American Craft Council’s 80th anniversary, we’re calling on you to make an investment in craft’s present and future. Whether you’re an artist, collector, or enthusiast, you understand the ways craft enriches our world.

How can you get involved? It’s simple! Read on to learn about some of the many ways to share your love for craft and the American Craft Council during ACC Giving Week.


Share our ACC Giving Week posts on social media.

Head to our social media posts, linked below, on your favorite platform to share ACC’s posts and spread the word about our week of giving to your friends and networks.

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Create your own personalized posts on social media.

Share your own story about why you support ACC and bring your followers into the craft community. Example post:

Craft is more than just an artform; it’s a vibrant, transformative force that enriches our lives in countless ways. I support the American Craft Council during ACC Giving Week because … [insert why you support ACC here!]

Visit ACC’s website to make a contribution today:

#CraftEnthusiast #CraftingOurFuture #ACCGivingWeek #ACC80thAnniversary #ShowYourLoveForCraft

Fundraise for ACC through Give Lively.

Give Lively’s platform makes it easy and convenient to rally your friends and family and champion the beauty, creativity, and cultural significance of craft.

To get started, simply visit the link below.

Give Lively donation page

Donate to ACC.

No matter the amount, whether one-time or ongoing, your support is what makes ACC’s mission possible.

Make a tangible impact on the lives of artisans, craft communities, and the preservation of craft traditions by making a gift to ACC.

Give Today!

Thank you for your support of ACC Giving Week!