Apply for Craft Week

Apply for Craft Week

American Craft Council Presents Atlanta Southeast Craft Week Online September 20–26 2021

Artist Applications Open Now Through June 30, 2021

Atlanta/Southeast Craft Week is an online marketplace event designed to connect American artists to a national audience of craft enthusiasts while celebrating local craft culture. Regionally inspired partnerships and programming create a dynamic, engaging experience, with up to 250 diverse artists from across the country selling work through our ecommerce site.

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Why Take Part in Craft Week

Your story matters to us—and our audience.
What is craft without the maker's story? We’ve designed Craft Week to be an immersive platform where people can discover who you are and what goes into your work.

One simple shopping experience.
Our ecommerce platform lets people add multiple artists' work to their cart and check out in a single transaction. Filters and curated collections make browsing a breeze.

We're here to help you thrive.
Exhibiting in our marketplaces makes you part of our family, and American Craft Council team members are available personally for onboarding and support throughout Craft Week.

Marketing to a focused audience.
We will promote you and your work to over 72K email contacts and to more than 94K followers on social media while tapping into new audiences.

Our experience pays off for you.
ACC put on its first craft fair in 1966. This long history translates to a larger draw for our marketplace events and the know-how to create a smooth experience for our artists.

Metrics From Our Baltimore Craft Week This April

unique visitors to the site

in artist sales

in sales per artist on average

products sold

of artists made a sale

total video content views

total reach for social media posts

About the American Craft Council

ACC is a national nonprofit that believes in the value of things made by hand, the people who create them, and the meaning that creativity brings to everyday life. Online marketplace events like Altanta/Southeast Craft Week are just one way we invest in artists’ livelihoods and help connect them to the people who will buy and cherish their work. Learn more about what we do.

Craft Week’s Regional Element

By collaborating and co-creating with local artist communities, ACC hopes to build awareness and appreciation for the craft that makes different parts of our country beautiful and unique. Much like ACC’s in-person shows, Atlanta/Southeast Craft Week will highlight regional artists and communities alongside artists working from across the country, providing our national audience the chance to experience the creativity and innovation happening in this city.

Questions About Applying for Craft Week?

Please contact the American Craft Council marketplace team at [email protected] for assistance.