Supporting Racial Justice

Supporting Racial Justice

ACC inclusion and equity statement

The American Craft Council is committed to working toward a more inclusive, just, and equitable community. As an organization invested in supporting the voices, work, and livelihoods of makers, we cannot be silent or accept inaction. These pages reflect our effort to use our organization's platforms and channels of communication to help illuminate and dismantle systemic racism and continue exploring how the practices of craft can help build a better world for everyone.

Illustration of hands holding up signs in protest

Community Action Resources

Resources gathered in response to the death of George Floyd in our own Minneapolis community.

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Robbie Lee Harris Black Lives Matter Mural Tucson

Art and Activism

Examples of creative expression being used to catalyze change across the country.

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How do you see craft supporting a more just world?

Creating change takes the entire community, and we want to hear your ideas as we work toward justice end equity. Send powerful projects, critical resources, and more to [email protected].