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Fuller Craft Museum

Fuller Craft Museum

Square photo of the team at Fuller Craft Museum

Fuller Craft Museum received the Award of Distinction in 2020 for its work in challenging the perceptions of craft, cultivate discovery, and activate dialogue and change in the field. Presenting exhibitions with powerful social content and collection initiatives that represent a diverse and inclusive range of artists and media, the organization strives to make craft relevant and meaningful.



The Staff of Fuller Craft Museum

Front row (left to right): Denise Lebica, Director; Beth McLaughlin, Chief Curator of Exhibitions and Collections; Sage Brousseau, Director of Education

2nd row (left to right): Jackie Lupica, Registrar & Collections Manager; Gwendolyn Gavin, Rentals Coordinator; Nela Francisco, Development Associate; Charlie Pratt, Curatorial Associate; Paul Tantillo, Security & Facilities Manager; Nepthalif Jupiter, Security

3rd row (left to right): Erica Beverly, Design Associate; Shawn Cambra, Museum Technician; Bill Wilson, Preparator; Titilayo Ngwenya, Director of Communications; Michael McMillan, Associate Curator; Bill Hartley, Security

Not pictured: Janet Bednarz, Museum Shop Associate; Ann Bishop, Museum Shop Associate; Edwin Cadet, Security; Ralphy Coutard, Security; Adriana De Castro, Museum Shop Manager; Aviana Delorey, Shop Associate; Jean Charles DuFaut, Security; Denise Karas, Museum Shop Associate; Diane Shaw, Shop Associate; Jonathan L. Fairbanks, Director Emeritus and Senior Research Fellow; Gretchen Keyworth, Director Emerita