The Week in Craft: July 10, 2013

The Week in Craft: July 10, 2013

Published on Wednesday, July 10, 2013.
Lizbeth Stewart Stalker

Lizbeth Stewart, Stalker, 1984. Image courtesy of the artist.

We begin this week on a somber note, as we recently learned that the extremely talented and internationally known ceramicist Lizbeth Stewart died. A resident of Philadelphia who taught for 30 years at the University of the Arts, Stewart's work has been exhibited at museums throughout the world, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the American Craft Museum (now the Museum of Arts and Design) in New York, the Renwick Gallery, and the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Friday, July 12, marks the opening of “Patti Warashina: Wit and Wisdom,” a traveling exhibition of 140 works by the pioneering Pacific Northwest ceramic artist at the Bellevue Arts Museum. The show continues through October 27.

Wayne Art Center in Wayne, Pennsylvania, has issued a call for entries for "Craft Forms," its annual international juried exhibition of contemporary fine craft. The deadline for entering is September 12, so get your finest pieces ready for submission.

Where the now archived Regretsy highlighted some of the most hilarious and head-scratching objects for sale on Etsy, another website - A Cut Above the Retsy - presents readers with the crème de la crème of goods available at the online marketplace.

Detroit has fallen on severely hard times over the past few decades, but there are some brilliant makers and entrepreneurs that are working hard on a creative revival in the city. One such group is i3 Detroit, a hacker space that promotes innovation, art, and DIY initiatives. A short film, "ReMake Detroit" documents the organization and its effort to start a creative renaissance in The D.

Poet and filmmaker David Shook has a Kickstarter campaign for a new project: The Poetry Drone. If fully funded, the project would re-appropriate an unmanned aerial vehicle that would be used to drop payloads of poems and raise awareness of the military use of drones. There are only five days left in the campaign, so do not delay if you would like to back it.

If you carry a pocket watch, that's pretty rad. If you carry one of Sue Beatrice's sculptures made of antique watch parts, you just might be the coolest kid on your block.

Plato, Jay-Z, and Andy Warhol walk into a bread factory... this isn't the beginning of a joke, but it could have been the thoughts of Milena Korolczuk, who has sculpted the likenesses of famous people out of sandwich bread. Korolczuk's work reminds us of an old exhibition, "Cookies and Breads: The Baker's Art," that was shown at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts from 1965-66.

French artist Philippe Pasqua just finished installing an impressive chrome-molded skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which now stands along the banks of the Seine in Paris. 

Metal also complements nature in the aluminum, stainless steel, and brass "tree" sculptures of Kue King.

Woodturner Michael Brolly is attempting to bring beautiful music to our friends under the sea. The artist and his students have created "The Musical Ark," a skiff with piano wires attached from masthead to stern that will be used to transmit musical notes underwater. Brolly and his team hope to display "The Musical Ark" at an upcoming skiff race in Scotland, where they would stage a performance for audiences above and below the waves. There is a Kickstarter page to fund the Scotland trip, so take a look if you want to see them raise anchor.

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