On View at ACC: Lindsay Locatelli

On View at ACC: Lindsay Locatelli

Lindsay's work is part of a joint display with Erin Smith until July 2017.

Published on Thursday, June 8, 2017.
Lindsay Locatelli Prickly Hoop Earrings

Lindsay Locatelli, Prickly Hoop Earrings

Courtesy of the artist

Currently on view at the American Craft Council office is jewelry by artist Lindsay Locatelli as part of a joint display with artist Erin Smith's neon, ceramic lamps.

Lindsay Locatelli Body Enchantment

Lindsay Locatelli, Body Enchantment

Courtesy of the artist

Lindsay Locatelli of Wazo Designs has a BFA in studio furniture design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She started making small-scale functional objects, which then led her to art jewelry. 

She says, "My approach to jewelry is based in blending conceptual and functional designs that are mobile with the body. My inspiration pulls from textures, colors, and movements found in nature and it’s landscapes. Working primarily in polymer clay and wood, each collection of work begins with researching new surface techniques such as carving and painting before laying out each component for assembly."

We asked her to share more about her process, her inspiration, and how she came to craft.

What do you make? What do you want to make? 
Currently, I create contemporary art jewelry or sculpture jewelry. Later this year, I will be experimenting with creating oversized sculpture jewelry. These pieces will have a life of their own in site-specific installations as well as become interactive with the body.

Who and what inspires you? 
Artists such as Fritz Scholder, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Louise Bourgeois are major sources of inspiration for my process and style/expression. The great Southwest is also a place of creative absorption and musing for my ideation process.

How did you first become engaged with craft?
Starting out in early K-12, I always tried to sign up for as many art classes as possible and was lucky to have a family with many artistic backgrounds.

Lindsay Locatelli Prickly Pear Necklace

Lindsay Locatelli, Prickly Pear Necklace

Courtesy of the artist

Describe your dream studio…
An open-space workshop with floor to ceiling windows and doors that open up to a view of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains on the mesa in Taos. Hopefully a dream that becomes reality!

What does craft mean to you?
Craft to me is the practice of focusing and perfecting the techniques and processes that are specific to the artist. My craft is the exploration and discovery of new surface textures while combining these into compelling and whimsical forms.

Library bonus question: What’s your favorite/most-read art or craft book in your personal collection?  
New Necklaces: 400 + Contemporary Designs by Nicolas Estrada

Learn more about Lindsay in this MN Original video.