Video Recap: Library Salon Series Featuring Ali Sandifer

Video Recap: Library Salon Series Featuring Ali Sandifer

Ali Sandifer Studio Sheila

One of Ali Sandifer's most popular designs is this stunning media console named Sheila.

Courtesy of the artists

Last week, we welcomed husband-and-wife dream team Abir Ali and Andre Sandifer to the Library Salon Series to give us the inside scoop on what makes Ali Sandifer so amazing. Is it an incredibly well-designed and beautifully handcrafted furniture collection? Well yes, but only in part. Abir and Andre not only shared the inner workings of their design process, but also how their family has become such an intricate part of their business and its success.

If you couldn’t make it to the salon, don’t worry. We caught up with Abir and Andre before the talk to get some insight into their favorite projects and what makes them such a dynamic duo. For more about Ali Sandifer, be sure to check out American Craft's 2014 feature "Motor City Modern" and the duo's ACC Rare Craft Fellowship Award finalist profile in "Rare Form."