Video: ACC Library Salon Series Recap: Red Table Meat Co. with Mike Phillips

Video: ACC Library Salon Series Recap: Red Table Meat Co. with Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips, Red Table Meat Co.

Red Table Meat Co. in northeast Minneapolis.

Mike Phillips, founder of Red Table Meat Co., began our November salon by welcoming all the attendees with freshly cut slices of three types of salumi – an Italian term encompassing cured meats of all kinds served as appetizers. We tried some of the Big Chet’s salami (a spicy salami with a touch of black pepper, fennel, garlic, and white wine), the Speck (dry-cured, smoked ham), and the Coppa (a dry-cured pork shoulder). In addition, the Lone Grazer Creamery donated some of its Hansom Cab cheese – a washed-rind cheese rinsed in 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey and Lapsang Souchong tea, lending a smoky flavor that paired fantastically with Red Table’s offerings.

After everyone had a bite to eat, Phillips began the talk by taking us through a bit of his background as a chef and the interest in cured meats that has persisted through his career. Inspired by his concerns for the U.S. food system and his desire to make something that would spark regional pride, Phillips created a product that was uniquely Minnesotan: World-class pork from nearby farms combined with traditional European curing methods sets Red Table’s offerings apart from what you may think of when you hear “salami” – typically dry, overspiced, and past its prime, according to Phillips.

Before opening it up to questions, Phillips also talked briefly about what it was like to partner with entrepreneur Kieran Folliard to open the Food Building in Northeast Minneapolis. The facility is setup for tours with windows into the various workspaces to provide visitors with a behind-the-scenes look.

Thanks to those who attended and don’t miss our last library salon event of the fall on December 11: The Legacy of Jack Lenor Larsen: Inside the Oral History Project with Dr. Stephanie Zollinger.