Maker x Maker with Alycia + Mabel (Week 3)

Maker x Maker with Alycia + Mabel (Week 3)

Artists from our community introduce you to the makers they adore.

Published on Friday, September 18, 2020.
Maker x Maker Featuring Alycia + Mabel Cover Graphic

Maker x Maker is a platform for artists to showcase other makers they admire. This week, we're excited to present five more artists handpicked by Alycia and Mabel of the fashion line 3rd Season. Learn what they love about the artists below, with someone new added to the list each day.

About the curators

Alycia Anthony + Mabel Martinez
3rd Season | @3rdseason | Pomona, California

Founded by Alycia Anthony and Mabel Martinez in 2012, 3rd Season is a fashion-conscious, primarily women’s clothing line committed to ethical production from start to finish. With a foundation in studio art, Alycia and Mabel are exploring traditional textile methods and are dedicated to supporting size inclusivity and to creating sustainable designs that complement a wide range of lifestyles and body types. Collections are released throughout the year in limited-edition, small-batch production – all cut and sewn locally in Los Angeles.

Alycia and Mabel of 3rd Season

Liliana Olmos | @olmoxjewelry | Houston, Texas

Portrait of Liliana Olmos

Honoring the ancient process of jewelry making, Liliana sparks new light while respecting the traditional qualities and craftsmanship in her work. Spinning threads in precious metals, she uses her material to build out her designs in the most delicate way. Maintaining a beautiful balance, the symmetry and use of geometric shapes in repetition come together to form even larger patterns again and over again. Her pairing of modern with organic forms works so well together as contemporary pieces that can be worn for centuries to come.


Whitney Sharpe | @latch_key | Oakland, California

Portrait of Whitney Sharpe

Reminiscent of sculptural relics from long ago, Whitney’s work embodies a sense of deep connection and a bond between the past, present, and future. Evoking a spiritual essence, lighting one of her candelabras immediately cleanses the atmosphere with a sense of peace and tranquility. She masters her craft with the ability to let the natural materials and form in her work genuinely present themselves. Her artwork is a representation of a thoughtful and steady process, delicate yet full of strength.


Agnieszka Zoltowski | @love_oru | Portland, Oregon

Portrait of Agnieszka Zoltowski of LOVE ORU

When looking at Agnieszka's work, one can see the time and dedication to her craft. Meditative and harmonious, her meticulous, woven pieces shift in color, visually organizing all the senses of the beholder. Simple, clean lines, yet the intricacies abound with texture. You can notice her ability to manage the count and color of her brilliant creations – texturally soft yet full of strength. Agnieszka uses her skills to translate a delicate woven piece of jewelry, setting the pace through her rhythmic process.


Troy Murrah | @builtquilt | Torrance, California

Portrait of Troy Murrah

Carrying on the legacy of his mother, Judy Murrah, Troy brings light to a new form of quilting. With acknowledgment towards quilting traditions, he translates every inch of this time-honored craft. His art transforms what we see so often in quilting as soft and delicate into works of art built with hard edges and strength. Troy’s selection of discarded materials to form intricate patterns mirrors so beautifully the essence of quilting: shifting pieces of the past into present focus and reminding us that we are responsible for pushing traditions forward.


Adina Mills | @adinamills | Landers, California

Portrait of Adina Mills in her studio

Adina creates beautiful sculptural works of art that are full of magical energy. Guided by the natural lines and shapes found in each stone, Adina highlights the gems she selects for each piece through her original artistic process. Adina has just the right touch to handle these precious materials, giving each piece a unique stage for every person who will come to adorn her jewelry. She is a beautiful person – an iconic artist – and her work is a true reflection of her authenticity.


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