Maker x Maker with Alycia + Mabel (Week 2)

Maker x Maker with Alycia + Mabel (Week 2)

Artists from our community introduce you to the makers they adore.

Published on Friday, August 28, 2020.
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Maker x Maker is a platform for artists to showcase other makers they admire. With San Francisco Bay Area Craft Week coming up September 7 – 13, Alycia and Mabel of 3rd Season are helping shine the spotlight on some of the makers taking part in the Craft Week marketplace. Get Alycia and Mabel's inside perspective on these artists whose work you'll be able to shop in September.

We'll add a new artist to the list each day, so be sure to check back.

About the curators

Alycia Anthony + Mabel Martinez
3rd Season | @3rdseason | Pomona, California

Founded by Alycia Anthony and Mabel Martinez in 2012, 3rd Season is a fashion-conscious, primarily women’s clothing line committed to ethical production from start to finish. With a foundation in studio art, Alycia and Mabel are exploring traditional textile methods and are dedicated to supporting size inclusivity and to creating sustainable designs that complement a wide range of lifestyles and body types. Collections are released throughout the year in limited-edition, small-batch production – all cut and sewn locally in Los Angeles.

Alycia and Mabel of 3rd Season

Hannah Beatrice Quinn | @hannahbquinn | San Francisco, California

Portrait of Hannah Beatrice Quinn

Functional and playful, Hannah’s work places a spotlight on objects we need in our everyday lives. She can promote simplicity with function and use, and her pieces are a reminder of details that are easily forgotten in our daily routines. Connecting back to the foundation of the creative process, Hannah reveals an underlying necessity and purpose behind design and innovation.


Susan McKinney | @skinnyceramics | Marin, California

Portrait of Susan McKinney

Susan’s work is a pure exploration of material and form. Her work celebrates the differences and similarities in the softness and hardness found in objects. There are so many intriguing elements in her work – in particular, her clay basket weavings. She can capture a sense of movement in her sculptures, leading back to her process of repetitiously weaving her pieces. Her one-of-a-kind art is functional yet beautiful and complete with balance and harmony.


Alicia Goodwin | @linguanigra | Chicago, Illinois

Portrait of Alicia Goodwin

There is a sense of timeless beauty and organic expression that is found in Alicia’s work. Her jewelry transforms a moment in time and vibrates with continued energy. She is inspired by nature and happenstance in her process, something that shines through in all the wonderful shapes and rich textures represented in Lingua Nigra. Alicia's pieces feel ceremonial and sacred, almost like uncovering a hidden treasure from long ago. There is something familiar about her aesthetic, yet never seen before. We are so looking forward to seeing Alicia and her adornments in person again – someday soon we hope!


Carrie George | @carriegeorge.leather | Rochester, New York

Portrait of Carrie George

In a sea of mass-produced handbags, one look at Carrie’s pieces and you can immediately see that she makes handcrafted, high-quality goods that will stand the test of time. It is clear that her work is a devotion to craftsmanship, as she stitches her bags by hand, stitch by stitch! These are the types of pieces you can invest in knowing it will wear with you through the years while transforming and building character as you use it.


Jenny Fong | @modernshibori | Berkeley, California

Portrait of Jenny Fong

Jenny is not only a very thoughtful person, but she is also a thoughtful textile designer and educator. Her handle with botanical dyes and traditional methods of Shibori shows a high level of expertise. Her work embodies sustainable fashion at its finest, seen through her use of natural and organic materials and processes. In essence, Modern Shibori exemplifies the merging of a traditional craft with a modern aesthetic.


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