Maker x Maker with Alycia + Mabel (Week 1)

Maker x Maker with Alycia + Mabel (Week 1)

Artists from our community introduce you to the makers they adore.

Published on Friday, August 21, 2020.
San Francisco Bay Area Craft Week Maker x Maker header

Maker x Maker is a platform for artists to showcase other makers they admire. With San Francisco Bay Area Craft Week coming up September 7 – 13, Alycia and Mabel of 3rd Season are helping shine the spotlight on some of the makers taking part in the Craft Week marketplace. Get Alycia and Mabel's inside perspective on these artists whose work you'll be able to shop in September.

We'll add a new artist to the list each day, so be sure to check back.

About the curators

Alycia Anthony + Mabel Martinez
3rd Season | @3rdseason | Pomona, California

Founded by Alycia Anthony and Mabel Martinez in 2012, 3rd Season is a fashion-conscious, primarily women’s clothing line committed to ethical production from start to finish. With a foundation in studio art, Alycia and Mabel are exploring traditional textile methods and are dedicated to supporting size inclusivity and to creating sustainable designs that complement a wide range of lifestyles and body types. Collections are released throughout the year in limited-edition, small-batch production – all cut and sewn locally in Los Angeles.

Alycia and Mabel of 3rd Season

Paul Eshelman | @eshelmanpottery | Elizabeth, Illinois

Portrait of Paul Eshelman

Paul Eshelman’s pottery celebrates the subtle gestures and the fundamental elements of art – line, shape, value, texture, and color. There is such peaceful harmony in his smooth, glazed surfaces, a reflection of the solid foundation underlying his work. There is also a great balance between his use of primary colors as a grounding palette and his strong and bold sense of form. Paul’s pieces are playful, functional, and perfect.


Anna Danilova | @annamonetjewelry | San Francisco, California

Portrait of Anna Danilova

The heart of the matter is sustainability when it comes to Anna’s work. Her dreamy, hand-dyed color palette reflects a familiar West Coast sensibility that is hard to ignore. Rooted in nature, her organic and sustainably sourced materials come from the land. In many ways, she delivers and acknowledges the traditions of craft that have been borrowed and fine-tuned over time. She brings a strong purpose to her creations, and that is something that stands to be admired.


Francisco Bautista | @weavepdx | Sandy, Oregon

Portrait of Francisco Bautista

It is so inspiring to see the continuation of such a beautiful craft that was passed down through the generations. Francisco’s ability to contribute to his family’s ongoing legacy prevails through his use of color and modern interpretation in his designs. Authenticity can be found in his double-sided motifs and hand-dyed wool, and we are particularly attracted to his 32 x 60 in. handwoven Bloque Azul Tapestry, not to mention his entire Bauhaus collection. In the future, we can expect the fifth generation of weavers to emerge, as Francisco and his wife continue to share their knowledge with their daughter and son, activating yet another generation of artists.

Watch Francisco's Inside the Artist's Studio video.


Agelio Batle | @batlestudio | San Francisco, California

Portrait of Agelio Batle

Agelio creates the most stunning functional art, and it is the best piece of graphite you will ever hold in your hand, let alone make a mark with. His work comes forth as playful, in the sense that there is a certain give-and-take and a push-and-pull that is transformative. His work brings to light the cycle of life, not only in the sense of nature but also in terms of stages within a particular artistic process. Agelio captures such a beautiful narrative that speaks to balance, and it resonates deeply. Not only are his sculptures energy-generating, but his work is also full of possibilities for those who activate it.


Morgan Abbott | @momurray_oakland | Oakland, California

Portrait of Morgan Abbott

You should check out MoMurray for Morgan's attention to important details that are so often taken for granted when carrying belongings, such as ease of use and comfort. We’ve got our eye on The Tugboat, barge size; this bag comes with confidence thanks to the strong materials and intention that Morgan brings to her work. The result? A laid back, classic, and trustworthy product that you can consider part of your everyday living.


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