Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft in San Francisco

Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft in San Francisco

Published on Monday, July 15, 2013.
Steven Miller Room

Steven Miller Room; photo by Angie Cao,

Fort Mason Center, Festival Pavilion
August 2–4, 2013

Interior designers routinely turn so-so rooms into something spectacular. Add a one-of-a-kind piece of fine craft into the mix, and the result can be something truly special.

To celebrate our 2013 show season, we invited regional interior designers, architects, and stylists to create room settings — all inspired by craft made by our show artists.

Take a look, meet our Bay Area professionals, and get a glimpse of a few of the finished settings.

Planning on attending our August show in San Francisco? Lucky you! All of the vignettes will be set up on the show floor for you to browse and soak up some inspiration. So if you’ve been waiting to find that perfect piece to adorn your own home, there’s no better place to start than here.

San Francisco American Craft Council Show
Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason Center
August 2-4: Retail show
Click here for tickets, show info, and artist listings.

Designer: Steven Miller
Design firm: The New Black (NWBLK)
Inspiration: David Whippen, red powder-coated steel cube; Eileen Goldenberg, encaustic painting
Design style: My style is marked by clean lines, material richness, and a reverence for authenticity. Unabashedly transitional, I draw from many styles to create richly layered environments. My design approach is consistently relevant, with an unexpected component.
Vision: This room has a bold, graphic wall of slatted wood and Heath tile. The Goldenberg piece is placed above a vintage modern sofa by Jens Risom, and the Whippen cube not only provides function, but is a study in contrast to the other forms in the room. A Christopher Boots light fixture provides the perfect ambiance.

Designer: Nicole Hollis, Principal
Inspiration: Lilith Rockett, pendant light and bowls
Design style: Bridging the worlds of art, fashion, and architecture, my work is known for its dark glamour, imagination, and curatorial vision. My sensory-rich environments are imbued with a modern mixture of found objects, repurposed materials, and the finest accessories and furniture.
Vision: Focusing on base and elemental materials such as plaster and light, NICOLEHOLLIS will create a dynamic space that brings to the foreground the simplicity of form embodied by the works of Lilith Rockett.

Designer: Mimi I. Chen, AIA
Design firm: Three Legged Pig Design
Inspiration: Michael Scarborough, tea set
Design style: Our firm’s style is client-specific, with a look toward modern insights and livable elegance. Each design is a reflection of a particular client’s personality or brand, with an emphasis on engaging individuals and providing a one-of-a-kind experience.
Vision: Three Legged Pig Design was inspired by the multifaceted qualities of Michael Scarborough’s work. Like the tea set, the space will be designed with a refreshing use of materials, layers of texture, and influences from traditions reinterpreted.

Designer: Lisa Bakamis
Design firm: Lisa Bakamis Interior Design
Inspiration: Eric Freyer, hand-carved chair
Design style: A home should capture the life of each individual while evoking a sense of comfort. My aesthetic focuses on a blend of modern, industrial, and rustic elements, balanced with vintage and feminine accents. I have an obsession with pattern and color, which is often exhibited in bold fabric and wallpaper selections.
Vision: “Le Boudoir” is a sitting room for today’s overworked mother, wife, and office executive. It is a decadent retreat where she can retire her Jimmy Choos, mix a killer martini, and escape into her favorite new romance novel.

Designer: Melina Raissnia
Design firm: Peace Industry
Inspiration: Gerald Arrington, ceramic vases and bowl
Design style: I make and design felt rugs based on the oldest rug tradition from Central Asia. My designs are simple, graphic, and modern reinterpretations of an ancient craft, seamlessly blending old world technology with a modern design sensibility.
Vision: What attracted me to Gerry Arrington’s forms was the simplicity combined with warm textures and earthy palette. For our collaborative space, I will create a place of reflection and rest with references to nature in all of the surfaces.

Designer: Nicole Socia
Design firm: Socia Design
Inspiration: Monica Rudquist, ceramic vase and wall installation
Design style: My design aesthetic is a mix of modernism and classic vintage style. I’m inspired by quality craftsmanship and finding the perfect balance between old and new. I strive to create spaces that are filled with life and character and capture a unique personal reflection of each client.
Vision: My vision for the room setting is to highlight the combination of organic and architectural forms in Monica Rudquist’s work. My goal is to create a design that reflects the elements of structure and fluidity through the use of materials, texture, and pattern.

Designers: E.B. Min, AIA; Jeffrey L. Day, AIA
Design firm: Min | Day
Inspiration: Kris Marubayashi, high-fired black clay sculpture
Design style: We are an architecture practice that draws on our backgrounds in art, landscape, and architecture to provide informed, flexible design for a wide range of clients, sites, and projects – from individuals to art institutions, urban to rural settings, and furniture to large buildings.
Vision: Inspired by the juxtaposition of the smooth and rough surfaces within Kris Marubayashi’s Caldera series, as well as the natural processes of the caldera itself, our design explores the way a combination of digital and handmade fabrication processes can transform a space.

Designer: Lauren Geremia
Design firm: Geremia Design
Inspiration: Elizabeth Lundburg, turned and carved wood sculpture
Design style: The firm’s mission is to support artists and designers in their mediums by connecting them to projects and commissioning custom work. The finished results are mostly eclectic but always contemporary. We strive to create a unique outcome every time.
Vision: I’m intrigued by Elizabeth Lundburg’s ability to create complex and lifelike objects out of wood. We share the same pursuit in stretching media to create unique and surprising objects. I created a room that highlights the piece in stark contrast, using clean lines, white furnishings, and an element of the unexpected.