Make Room Designer Spotlight: Leah Atkins and Kaila Nelson

Make Room Designer Spotlight: Leah Atkins and Kaila Nelson

American Craft Show in Atlanta

Published on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.
Leah Atkins and Kaila Nelson

Leah Atkins and Kaila Nelson

Courtesy of Leah Atkins Design

Wha is your company name?
Leah Atkins Design

What's your favorite design tip?
Always push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You don't know what you're missing until you try something new. As relevant as this is to everyday life, it is vital for a great design.

What color did you choose and why?
We chose to work with shades of peach and pink because it is an unexpected, yet warm and inviting, color theme.

What’s your vision for the space?
We envision a comfortable seating area that draws you in and feels fresh.

Who are your ACC show artist picks and why are you featuring those particular objects?
We love the unique shape that this table by Derek Hennigar introduces to the space. This floral piece by Hung Nguyen was perfect for our color scheme. Flowers always add a finishing touch. The unique texture of this solid white piece by Jerry Bennett is a gorgeous way to add character. The fun shape and bold colors of this piece by Niles Wallace (left) really draw the eye and make it a focal point. These pieces by Hope Bailey (top center) add the perfect fun touch to the coffee table decor. If you put small woodland creatures on anything, we’re sold!

The Atkins and Nelson style picks