Make Room Designer Spotlight: Diane J. Hewitt

Make Room Designer Spotlight: Diane J. Hewitt

American Craft Show in Atlanta

Published on Thursday, March 8, 2018.
Diane J. Hewitt

Diane J. Hewitt

Courtesy of Diane J. Hewitt

What is your company name?
Design Concierge

What's your favorite design tip?
What is not there is as important as what is. Focusing on visual impact and design intent, a memorable space forgoes insignificant decoration in favor of strong, intriguing design elements.

What color did you choose and why?
Black and white. The black-and-white story demonstrates how contrary elements complement each other. This color combination is simple and modern, yet classic and timeless.

What’s your vision for the space?
I love the interaction of seemingly disparate selections in a room and want to show how opposites attract. The space will hold a thoughtful mix of materials, shapes, and decorative styles; light plays with dark, curves flirt with lines, plain tempers fancy, and antique stands by modern.

Who are your ACC show artist picks and why are you featuring those particular objects? 
An interactive totem rather than a fixed totem, Jeff Pender's mixed media sculpture (left) allows one to participate in the creative process, moving the pieces and changing the stack’s narrative. The detail in Kenny Pieper's glass work (top) is so beautiful; the piece is a simple form, but with so many intricacies. The hand sculpted “yin and yang” clay hares by Christine Kosiba (bottom) are figurative characters in this story about contrast. I was taken by Nell Devitt's artistic statement: “Abstraction allows for many different interpretations or none at all.” Each individual tile (right) is irregular and unique, but grouped together the composition celebrates unity.

Diane's artist picks