Library Card Project: Penny Young

Library Card Project: Penny Young

Penny Young Spinning


Today's Library Card Project is by Penny Young, a sculptor, poet, and arts educator who says that her work "examines systems such as library catalogs, and their progressions away from physical paper." She is "fascinated by the ghosts that have handled these objects; the hands she will never see." Young was particularly inspired by the subject of the cards she received, and here's what she had to say about her project:

What do you make?
I made "Spinning," a wall piece out of library cards out of the spinning, craft, and slab glass cards that I received.

Why did you want to participate in the Library Card Project?
When I saw the image on Facebook, I was so excited about the possibility that library catalog cards might be recognized as an art material. Finally!

How did you use your library cards?
I stapled the library cards together in columns, brick-like, and gathered and expanded them as if I were sewing something billowy.

Where did you get your inspiration?
I am a hoarder of discarded office equipment and discarded paper, mainly printed materials that had a specific function. I feel more inspired when something is not important and can be manipulated without worrying about the cost of the material. Most of what I use as art materials is free or found.

What is your favorite/most read art, craft, or design book?
My background is clay, which I am way into again! Ceramics; A Potter's Handbook by Craig T. Nelson.

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