Inside the Artist's Studio: Erickson Woodworking

Inside the Artist's Studio: Erickson Woodworking

Published on Monday, June 22, 2020.
Robert Erickson outside the Erickson Woodworking studio

We take you inside the studio of one of our show artists each week so you can get to know these inspiring makers and learn how they're staying resilient during the pandemic.

Robert and Tor Erickson, the father-and-son duo behind Erickson Woodworking, have stayed busy in their studio in Nevada City, California, over the past several months despite recent craft show cancellations. Join them on a tour through their space to see some of the beautiful custom furniture pieces they have in-the-works. @ericksonwoodworking

With craft shows across the country being canceled or postponed, makers need your support. Please take a moment to shop their work online.

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