Gifts for the Gratified

Gifts for the Gratified

2015 Holiday Lookbook

Published on Friday, November 20, 2015.
2015 Holiday Lookbook Cover

Welcome to our third annual Holiday Lookbook!

Around this time of year I wish I were a kid. Not only because kids tend to have more stars in their eyes and more sugarplums dancing in their heads – who doesn’t want that? No, I’d like to be a kid because then I wouldn’t be so stymied when some potential gift-giver asks me what I want. Like my own kid, I’d have a list at the ready, 3 feet long.

Unfortunately, like most adults, I’m a little jaded. If, at any time of year, I crave a piece of jewelry, a handy utensil, or a fluffy scarf, I generally pull out the credit card. I don’t wait for an occasion. As a result, I don’t harbor secret wishes, imagining how grand life will be once I have Book X or Jacket Y. No, I pretty much go for instant gratification – which, as the term implies, feels good in the short term but robs the future of a little magic. As a result, when a friend or my spouse or my sibling asks what I covet, I’m at a loss. I have no needs – or even wants, as far as I know.

And I’m not alone. As much as I’m unable to help my loved ones figure out what to give me, they’re no help to me. We’re all tough to shop for.

What’s the solution? Buy something your loved ones don’t know they want. Something surprising. Something offbeat and inventive. Something they are unlikely to find for themselves. Which is where this American Craft Council holiday gift guide comes in.

In these pages, you’ll find a guitar made from skateboards. You’ll see a set of three elegant hand-built ceramic trays. You’ll discover a natty carpenter’s apron with pockets galore.

Maybe one of those will fill the bill. Or at least spark an idea for the perfect gift for somebody on your list – no matter how jaded. Happy shopping, and happy holidays.