Gary Moore’s Modern Wooden Hives

Gary Moore’s Modern Wooden Hives

Gary Moore Bookhive


How best to artfully display your favorite books, ephemera, and all the amazing works of craft you picked up at a recent ACC show? Twin Cities furniture designer Gary Moore offers a simple-yet-beautiful solution in the Bookhive, a harmonious, symmetrical storage system with tons of modern appeal. Its purpose is to showcase objects and books, but the Bookhive, empty or not, is visually arresting on its own—on a recent visit to Forage Modern Workshop in Minneapolis, where excellent design is in abundance, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the Bookhive. And Moore has extended the hive concept to include practical single-cell side tables and small, elongated tabletop clusters for wine bottles (Winehives!).

I’m mildly obsessed with Moore’s hives, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that he designs furniture in plenty of other shapes, too—and, like his hive constructions, his other pieces feature sleek, modern design with clean lines and high-functioning details.

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