Class Act: Karen Karnes' 1967 Pottery Workshop

Class Act: Karen Karnes' 1967 Pottery Workshop

Published on Thursday, November 21, 2013.
Karen Karnes' Workshop

Karen Karnes instructing a participant in her 1967 workshop "Production Pottery"

As an intern adding content to the ACC Library Digital Collections, I had the pleasure this week of loading and describing an incredible collection of slides from the 1967 ACC Southeast Regional Assembly Workshop. These slides are the first color images added to our 1960s collection. The action was captured on Kodak Ektachrome transparency film. Featured in this collection is a workshop "Production Pottery" facilitated by American ceramist, Karen Karnes.

The two and a half day event was held at the Memphis Academy of Arts in Memphis, Tennessee. Karnes' class was filled with people at work and watching her demonstrations with much interest. I loved the images showing her instructing workshop attendees one-on-one. Some of them show others listening in on the private lesson.

Karen Karnes' studio work was amazing. Her demonstrations incorporated calipers to check the thickness of the stoneware for consistency. Karnes honed her technique by isolating herself in the mountains of North Carolina. Be sure to check out the new editions and then hunt up her artist portfolio.

Susan Wolfe is a student in the Masters of Archives and Records Administration program at San Jose State University, currently interning at the ACC Library.  

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