ACC Atlanta 2014 Awards of Excellence

ACC Atlanta 2014 Awards of Excellence

Jessica Green accepting residency award

Left to right: Barbara Waldman, Jamie Badoud (Hambidge Center), Jessica Green, Jeanee Ledoux, Chris Amundsen

Elizabeth Ryan

Starting on Friday, March 14, there has been a warming trend in the Atlanta metro area, but it has nothing to do with the weather. Instead, it has everything to do with the hot artistic trends and sizzling craft on display at the 2014 American Craft Council show in Hotlanta! This year, the ACC is celebrating its 25th year in the City in a Forest. The high energy of attendees and amazing exhibiting artists are helping us to laud the silver anniversary show with true panache, and the on-site programming - from the Make Room exhibits to the walking tours - is keeping people entertained and informed.

On Friday, our programming included the Awards of Excellence, an American Craft Council show tradition that has been around since before the first Atlanta show. For the awards, a juror has the great responsibility of selecting four awards: three for quality of work and one for booth design. A fifth award - the Hambidge Residency Award - is presented in conjunction with the Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences, highlights an artist whose work connects to the natural environment, and allows the awardee to spend a two-week residency at Hambidge to further develop his or her work. With the exception of the Hambidge Award, all award winners are invited to participate in next year's ACC show season and receive a cash prize.

This year's talented juror in Atlanta was Jeanee Ledoux, a writer, maker, and craft boutique owner in the city. Ledoux previously cofounded a jewelry business, wrote Abode a la Mode: 44 Projects for Hip Home Decor, and regularly contributes to lifestyle magazines and websites. Below is a listing of the extraordinary artists who received the 2014 Atlanta Awards of Excellence:

Awards of Excellence
Brandon Holschuh, Jewelry - Metal
Christy Klug, Jewelry - Enamel
Becky and Steve Lloyd, Ceramics

Awards of Excellence - Booth Design
Amy Flynn, Mixed Media

Hambidge Residency Award
Jessica Green, Fiber

Our heartfelt appreciation to Jeanee Ledoux, congratulations to all the excellent award winners, and sincere thanks to the artists and attendees for making the show fantastic.