2016 Style Slam: St. Paul

2016 Style Slam: St. Paul

Published on Monday, March 7, 2016.
St. Paul Style Slam 2016

Get a first look at some of the ACC artists' pieces that are inspiring our Twin Cities stylists: Davee Ek, Christina Fortier, Jose Ayala, and Tressie Schneider.

If you like wearable art, check out Style Slam, our new program that pairs professional local stylists with our talented clothing, accessories, and jewelry artists. Stylists will be at the American Craft Show in St. Paul on April 8 - 10 to show you how the statement pieces you’ll find at our shows can fit into any style-conscious wardrobe. Style Slam will also include ACC member makeovers with hair and makeup by Denny Kemp Salon Spa, trendspotting, and style commentary.

On Saturday, April 9, during the American Craft Show in St. Paul, the following timed events will take place with the stylists.

11:30 a.m. to noon – Design Meets Style program in and around the Style Slam/Make Room vignettes

1 - 1:30 p.m. – Member Makeover selection and stylist match in the Style Slam booth for four lucky ACC members

3:30 to 4:30  – Member Makeover reveal in the Style Slam booth

Meanwhile, here’s a peek at some of our stylists’ favorite ACC pieces (above) and a bit about their personal style.

Davee Ek
I usually gravitate toward a mixture of patterns, textures, and styles (something masculine paired with something feminine, for example). I’m heavily inspired by street style; I’m less interested in what models are wearing on the runway than in what is happening behind the scenes – say, what Vogue editors are wearing and what wardrobe stylists are lusting for.

Christina Fortier of Christina Fortier | Fashion Stylist
My personal style is minimal and transitional. I’m a big fan of layering tonal pattern and texture; at any given time, I’m wearing five to eight pieces. As a wardrobe stylist, I love movement. Telling stories and bringing garments to life is my job. Lines are also very important to me; I love working with a good line and showcasing an unexpected way to wear a piece.

Jose Ayala
My personal look is clean-cut; the right blazer, pleated high-water pants, and layers will do it all for me. Drawing inspiration from some of the world’s most influential fashion houses, such as Dior, Maison Valentino, and Thierry Mugler, my work encompasses elements of sexiness, femininity, and, currently, gender fluidity.

Tressie Schneider of Trending with Tressie
My style evolves every day and is often based on my mood, setting, and the season. I’m not afraid to take risks or try new trends. Confidence is definitely key. I’m inspired by fashion shows, editorial campaigns, new trends, and art. I’m drawn to sophisticated and posh silhouettes and styles, such as New York chic. Black is usually my color of choice. I love incorporating leather, black boots, and moto jackets into my look and mixing high-end designer pieces with interesting finds from my favorite thrift shops. A hat is usually my finishing touch.

Get tickets and more details about the American Craft Show in St. Paul on April 8 - 10 at St. Paul RiverCentre.