2016 Make Room 4 Directions: St. Paul

2016 Make Room 4 Directions: St. Paul

Published on Wednesday, March 16, 2016.
Make Room St. Paul collages

Get a first look at the ACC show artists' pieces that will be used in the 4 Directions vignettes created by Jennifer Jorgensen, Liz Gardner, Carter Averbeck, and Drew Beson.

Our home décor exhibition, “Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft,” has been popular with the public and interior designers alike – putting craft in context for thousands of visitors in stylish room vignettes. Now in its fourth year, “Make Room” heads in a whole new direction – actually, in several directions. This year’s theme, “4 Directions,” asks designers to create rooms inspired by select objects of fine craft that exemplify the essence of style in the North, South, East, and West. Each designer will explore how geography and climate influence the culture and design aesthetic of a particular region.


Designer: Jennifer Jorgensen
Design firm: J. Jorgensen
Inspirations: Elijah Neumann, Robert Erickson, Suzanne Crane, and Kerry Brooks 
Vision: North is my home. I’ve moved away, I’ve traveled, I thought I didn’t want to come back. But it is home. The personality of the architecture, the reflections of the trees, the character of the people – it all just makes sense to me. Being “up north” changes people. The laughs are more genuine, the cooking is more relaxed, and the skin has more glow. It is togetherness, hard work, and beauty in its most natural form.


Designer: Liz Gardner
Design firm: Liz Gardner, Creative Director & Stylist
Inspirations: Keith Holt, James Pearce, and Lynda Ladwig
Vision: I chose to view South through a Miami lens. While visiting there last year, I was struck by the visual juxtaposition of old and new, art deco and futuristic, gaudy and refined. I want to play with the design principles of scale, contrast, and emphasis to create a sophisticated yet fun experience. Incorporating pieces by James Pearce, Lynda Ladwig, and Keith Holt lays a strong foundation to layer in several mediums, rose quartz (a Pantone color of the year), and foliage.  


Designer: Carter Averbeck
Design firm: Omforme, Vintage + Modern + Design
Inspirations: Damian Velasquez, Scott McGlasson, Yoko Sugawara, and C.T. Whitehouse 
Vision: I am inspired by global design. I chose East as my direction so I could pull from a rich diversity of styles. Asian, African, and Indian influences fall under the umbrella of Eastern design, and they play nicely off each other. The artists I chose bring organic, ethnic, and modern qualities to their work, making this room a global traveler’s dream.


Designer: Drew Beson
Design firm: Drew Beson Art
Inspirations: Dianne Nordt, Kerry Brooks, and Craig Johnson 
Vision: The adventurous spirit of the American frontier parallels the conviction that many artists possess – to explore and break new ground. This is the reason I chose West. My paintings are abstract, colorful, with a glossy finish, but the origin of my work comes from the textures, lines, colors, and compositions of landscapes and natural elements. I am inspired by the wildness of the West, with its limitless possibilities.

Get tickets and more details about the 2016 American Craft Show in St. Paul on April 8 - 10 at St. Paul RiverCentre.