2016 Baltimore Show Artists Win Awards

2016 Baltimore Show Artists Win Awards

Published on Saturday, February 20, 2016.

There are 660 artists exhibiting at the American Craft Baltimore Show this year. Ten of them were honored with awards on Friday.

Winning ACC Awards of Excellence were paper artist Marina Terauds (booth 1019), whose work the jurors called “exquisite”; Kenny Pieper (booth 4104), praised for the consistency of his “truly magical” glass pieces; Takashi Ichihara (1204), whose ceramic pieces the jurors called “extraordinary”; and Muffy Young (1803), lauded for weaving that is both wearable and innovative.

Winning ACC Awards of Excellence for booth design, which recognizes not only excellent work but also strong display, were Anna Boothe (905, glass) and David Short (1906, ceramics). Boothe’s work was “fabulously displayed,” the jurors said. Short’s booth shows “how a great display enhances the work.”

Jewelry artist Amy Blair (4806-1), cited for her “smart use of design and pattern,” won the Award of Excellence given each year to an emerging artist in ACC’s Hip Pop program.

ACC partnered with the James Renwick Alliance, the Society of North American Goldsmiths, and the Collectors of Wood Art to recognize three other artists. The JRA award went to Marian Schoettle (5301) of Mau Conceptual Clothing, praised for her “simple, useful items with a quirky sense of fun.” The Collectors of Wood Art award went to Denise Nielsen and George Worthington (1012), with acknowledgment of their innovation and attention to detail. SNAG’s honor went to jewelry artist Lynda Bahr (203), whose work was called “industrial yet elegant.”

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