2015 Let's Make Inspiration Stations: Baltimore and Atlanta

2015 Let's Make Inspiration Stations: Baltimore and Atlanta

Published on Monday, January 12, 2015.
The Balvenie Tasting Room Sketch

The Balvenie tasting room; Sketch: Joshua Bergeron, Hjs Architecture

New this year: Meet artisans and industry experts at experiential workshops where you can get up-close and personal with the creative process. From paper cutting to stone carving to yarn bombing, you can get hands-on insight into what it takes to create the amazing pieces you see at the ACC shows. So go ahead – immerse yourself in a craft adventure.

In both cities, The Balvenie, the world’s most handcrafted single malt Scotch whisky, is hosting tastings throughout the show weekends, where guests can learn how fine whisky is made. The American Craft Council is proud to partner with The Balvenie and very pleased they are part of our shows. 

Special thanks to our show partners: FLOR, HjS Architecture, and Tikun.

Here’s what else you’ll find in Baltimore and Atlanta: 


Visit the “Make Your Mark” inspiration station and try your hand at the art of paper cutting. Experience different techniques inspired by Annie Howe of Bmore Papercuts in Baltimore and Janelle Washington from (WashingtonCuts) in Alexandria. Learn how paper cutting artists use simple tools, like small blades and scissors, to create complex and intricate images from paper. 

Art Glass Center at Glen Echo
Artists from the Art Glass Center explain how glass is transformed in a kiln with temperature and time. Join in the discussion and handle samples of glasswork made with various techniques in a variety of styles.

Baltimore Area Turners
Accomplished woodturners will be making functional and artistic items out of ordinary wood, demonstrating their technique and process from start to finish. 

Bowerbox Press
Experience the power of the printed word. Using a traditional letterpress and wooden type, you can add your voice to an ongoing poem started by Val Lucas of Bowerbox Press. 

Sebastian Martorana
Using many of the same tools as Renaissance masters, Sebastian Martorana carries on the traditions of marble hand-carving. Join this present-day master in this centuries-old art.

Station North Tool Library
What’s the Station North Tool Library? Think of your neighborhood lending library, only with tools. Learn about their wide array of classes and check out a selection of tools – everything from simple hammers to portable table saws and palm sanders. If you’re feeling daring, pick one up and give it a try.

Towson University Metalsmithing and Jewelry
Towson University Metalsmithing + Jewelry program, in conjunction with the university’s Interdisciplinary Object Design program, presents a variety of processes in traditional and experimental metalsmithing and jewelry techniques, as well as digital technologies. Attendees can help develop the creative content for a thematic multimedia project.

Mark Melonas of Luke Works
Mark Melonas is an artist, designer, and craftsman with experience in many materials and a unique interest in concrete. With his team of skilled artisans at Luke Works, Melonas designs and creates one-of-a-kind furniture in wood, concrete, and metal. Get your hands dirty as Melonas demonstrates how to make functional objects out of concrete.

MAKE TRIBE is a series of community-driven craft workshops and skill-share suppers, produced in partner-ship with a variety of Baltimore businesses and artisans. Each day, MAKE TRIBE invites a different local maker to their show booth to demonstrate how their products are made and to share their skills.

Union Craft Brewing
The Union Craft Brewery makes award-winning ales and lagers. Stop by for a taste of what’s brewing right in the heart of Baltimore.

Baltimore Clayworks
Join Baltimore Clayworks as they host a free interactive workshop for ACC goers! In this hands-on experience participants will donate time and creativity to craft unique cups, mugs and tumblers that will be donated to support Community Arts programming at Baltimore Clayworks. Make cups, make friends, make a difference!

Weaver’s Guild of Greater Baltimore
Dedicated to the exploration of the fiber arts, The Weaver's Guild of Greater Baltimore joins with the ACC to host a 'Spinning Bloom of Looms.' We kindly extend our invitation to you to sit at the loom for a while and by 'throwing the shuttle,' add your own signature to a weaving-in-progress. Sit and weave or you can also felt a woolen pin to wear home.


Georgia Association of Woodturners
See GAW members demonstrate woodturning techniques, and get your questions answered about the technique and medium. Watch as woodturners create various projects, and get a chance to handle pieces in various stages of completion.

Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance
Immerse yourself in color, texture, and pattern as you help create an artful living room featuring an abundance of textiles and textile techniques. 

The Center for Puppetry Arts
Jeff Domke from the Center for Puppetry Arts looks at puppet traditions from around the world and offers a rare opportunity to learn behind-the-scenes techniques to bring puppets to life, including the finer points of puppet manipulation. 

SweetWater Brewing Company
SweetWater Brewing Company’s craft beer roots run deep; owners Freddy Bensch and Kevin McNerney began their journey with craft beer in the early ‘90s, working at breweries and going to brewing school together. In 1997 they opened the doors of their own brewery in Atlanta and have been serving the Georgia community deliciously crafted beers ever since. Stop by their station to meet the makers and try a taste.

Preserving Place
Preserving Place is a unique farm-to-store retailer focusing on food preservation and preserving a Southern sense of place. Gather around their table to sample small batch, handmade jams, pickles, and condiments. Meet founder and owner Martha McMillin, discover how Preserving Place's old-school approach results in superior flavors, and learn why this craftsmanship is key to honoring our food traditions. Be inspired to learn how to put up your own good food!

Atlanta Art Worx
Atlanta Art Worx Jewelry and Metal Arts Center offers students an authentic, working metalsmithing studio experience where they can learn and perfect their skills in silversmithing and other aspects of jewelry/metal arts. Join Dana Ruth, jewelry designer and founder of Atlanta Art Worx, in a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a jewelry maker’s process while engaging in conversation about design, stone cutting, and metal work.

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
Teachers and assistants from Callanwolde Fine Arts Center’s highly regarded pottery department will demonstrate wheel throwing and hand-building techniques. Since every artist has their own style, each will be demonstrating and happy to talk about their personal interests in pottery and what inspires them. Visit with us, ask us questions, and learn why we love clay!

Crafted/Westside is a collective comprised of talented artisans and designers, primarily from Atlanta and the surrounding region. The shop, located at The Brickworks Midtown in West Atlanta, features an eclectic selection of artist made goods as well as a series of workshops. Visit their station to meet their local partners and partake in a demonstration.