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Cover of the Summer 2023 issue of American Craft magazine

Dive into our Summer 2023 issue exploring the theme wild.

The Summer 2023 issue of American Craft you’ll find craft inspired by nature. You’ll explore outer space with glass and the sea with sculptural jewelry. You’ll learn about artists who incorporate foraged materials into their work, and makers whose handcrafted adventure gear helps move us outdoors. You’ll also discover up-and-coming artists whose love of the land shines through.

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Emmett Moberly-LaChance presses the midsole layer to the upper of the boot.

Adventure Craft

For most of human history, we lived, worked, and played outdoors. But over the past century or so, we’ve come to spend less time outside and more time in—over 90 percent of our day, by some estimates. A quarter of Americans never leave the house at all during the day.
So Young Park in her studio.

The Queue: So Young Park

So Young Park looks to nature for inspiration for her wild, exuberant jewelry. In The Queue, the metalsmith, who recently returned home to South Korea after many years in the US, shares about her creative process, how her tools bring joy to her practice, and some new techniques and materials she hopes to incorporate into her work.

Clay work in multiple colors in a  circular sculpture.

Wild Style

Wild Style. Brie Ruais works fast, separating a hunk of clay that weighs as much as she does into slashes and craters, decorating it with handprints and smudges.
Alison Elizabeth Taylor working in her studio.

Painting with Wood

Marquetry hybrid is a synthesis of painting, collage, photography, and wood veneer marquetry on panel. It is a slow and painstaking process. Hours of tedium are gobbled up; days drip away into weeks, months. Often work must be thrown out and attempted again when something doesn’t go right due to technical or aesthetic challenges.
Cynthia Lahti headshot

The Queue: Cynthia Lahti

In Kelly Reichardt’s new film, Showing Up, Cynthia Lahti’s figurative sculptures steal the show. In this special edition of The Queue, we spoke to Portland, Oregon–based Lahti about how she became involved in the film, what she taught star Michelle Williams about ceramics, and how obsessive pursuit of beauty makes for great movies.

Moon Pots in brown neutral colors.

Vessels of the ACC Library Collection

The American Craft Council Library holds tens of thousands of volumes, nearly 600 linear feet of processed archival materials, and thousands of artist files. But did you know the library also holds an object collection?
Multi-colored community-embroidered bandanas, steel frame, and cloth in the shape of a cat-like animal.

Craft Happenings: Summer 2023

Make craft part of your summer plans with these 25 events and exhibitions happening across the country, organized by the month in which they start.
Christine McHorse, Nautilus sculpture.

Spirals Take You Somewhere

A complex and elegant vessel-inspired sculpture, Nautilus, 2006, is made from shimmering micaceous clay. Built from a single coil, the piece is hollow in its center and exhibits the singular style of its maker, the late Diné artist Christine Nofchissey McHorse.
Kiva Ford green glasses

The Queue: Kiva Ford

Kiva Ford’s eye-popping sculptures and precise scientific implements are masterpieces in glass. In The Queue, the South Bend, Indiana–based glass artist talks about his education in glassblowing, the challenges and puzzles of assembling complex sculptures in a fragile medium, and a tool that makes it possible.