April/May 2020

April/May 2020

Behind the Design

Cover of the April/May Issue of American Craft

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Craft and Design are often considered separate disciplines, the first defined by handwork and the latter by aesthetic and technical innovation. But those definitions are blurring, and with good reason: Both craft and design provide different yet equally vital sets of tools for solving problems.

In this issue, we delve into the processes of designing and making. We have stories about plaids inspired by pop culture [“Enter the Plaidiverse”], redesigned objects that tell new stories [“Reclaim. Remake. Relove.”], and innovative materials that are kinder to our planet [“Materials Reinvented”]. Several stories explore collaboration, from experts working across disciplines to makers balancing technology with handwork. Each offers insight into craft’s essential role in solving the problems around us.

↑ Husbands Robert Tagliapietra and Jeffrey Costello share a passion for plaid. Their innovative work at JCRT embodies the marriage of craft and design. Here, they look at their pattern inspired by a movie poster for Tron.
Photo: Evan Sung


Feature Articles

There's Design Thinking. What about Craft Thinking?

A conversation with builder-designer Yvonne Mouser.

Teaser: Enter the Plaidiverse

The April/May 2020 issue of American Craft offers a close look at the daring plaids and innovative process of JCRT.

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Lights being assembled at Hennepin Made

Hennepin Made

With their handmade lighting company, a pair of glassblowers find success in the transition from studio artists to small manufacturers.
Work in Use Wu Hanyen Jia Parallettes

Work in Use

Designer-woodworker Wu Hanyen’s exercise equipment embodies functionality and aesthetics to beautiful effect.