April/May 2011

April/May 2011

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Artist without Borders

As a child, Tanya Aquiñiga straddled the line between Mexico and the United States. Now her exuberant work crosses boundaries between cultures, materials, even genres.


Read Between the Lines

If you want to understand artist Julie Chen's exquisite books, start by getting your hands on one.


2 by 2

Tim Tate and Marc Petrovic agree: Their two recent collaborations, Apothecarium Moderne and Seven Deadly Sins, were better because they made them together.


Back to Basics

Twenty years after learning the lathe, Joshua Vogel has made woodturning his full-time pursuit, with sleek, sculptural results.

In This Issue


Brick, Exposed

Michael Morgan turns an ordinary building material (brick) into extraordinary landscape forms.


Craftier Than Thou

Whether it's advertisers touting craftmanship, macho mechanics with a superiority complex, or craftivists proclaiming their own virtues, watch out: Craft is a lot more complicated than that.


Creeping Beauty

Jillian Moore transforms foam into alien-like sculptural pieces that are wonderfully odd and oddly alive.


In and Out of Africa

"The Global Africa Project" seeks to gather the strands of African culture as they stretch across the globe.


Intimate Apparel

Each of Erica Spitzer Rasmussen's sculptural garments - from ethereal kimonos to provocative bustiers - is a personal tale made tangible.


Made in Ireland

One of Daniel Shaw-Smith's earliest memories is the intense smell of willow rods in a basketmaker's studio, where he was accompanying his parents,


One of a Kind

Artists seem to know, earlier and better than the rest of us, that meaning lies in originality.


Open Market

Mark Ginsberg owns and operates M.C. Ginsberg Objects of Art, a three-story destination jewelry store in Iowa City.


Signature Pieces

Anna Katherine Curfman's textured, nuno-felted work is like a floating, wearable sculpture.


Whose Work Are You Admiring Now?

Tonya Hedgeman, Dennis Stevens, Lin Nelson-Mayson, Michael Lamar, Stephanie Swindle, Antonia Bostrom, and Anthony Tammaro share the artists' work they're excited about now.