Survey Says...

Survey Says...


Getting in the door for free at ACC shows - to connect face-to-face with artists like Arthur Hash and Elizabeth Clark - is one of the most popular perks of membership. Photo: J. Thomas Photography

Here at American Craft Council headquarters, we've had the future on the brain, as you may have heard. Last spring we asked our members - and yet-to-become members in the art and craft world at large - to take a survey that will help us plan our next steps and dream up more ways to add value to the craft community. We appreciate the 4,100 responses that we received, and we'd like to share some of the results.

Who are you?
Half of you identified yourselves as buyers and collectors of fine craft. More than 40 percent make your living as craft artists, with nearly 31 percent making craft in your free time.

Who are we to you?
The magazine has a fan base, with more than 75 percent of you listing your yearlong subscription to American Craft as the most important membership benefit. Half also felt you benefited from an increased awareness and appreciation for craft. Some 40 percent cited members' free admission to our craft shows.

How do you connect with craft?
Nearly 80 percent of respondents attend regional or local craft fairs. You're curious souls, seeking information, networking, and learning opportunities. You get your craft news from publications and face-to-face interactions, and you often attend exhibitions as well. Nearly 60 percent of you are members of other arts organizations such as guilds, associations, and museums.

Where should the ACC be headed next?
Almost 68 percent of you thought ACC could make the largest impact on the craft field by cultivating the next generation of craft buyers and collectors, while more than 60 percent thought we should seek to elevate emerging craft artists as well. These are certainly goals we have in mind, and, as we move forward with planning our future this fall, we'll be excited to share our vision with you.

As always, we're grateful for your feedback and we welcome your thoughts anytime - not just when we're surveying. Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

Elizabeth Ryan is American Craft's interactive editor.