Ready to Serve

Ready to Serve

Bowls by Paul Eshelman, Spoon by Dan Dustin, Stool by Scott McGlasson

Bowls by Paul Eshelman, spoon by Dan Dustin, stool by Scott McGlasson. Photo: Mark LaFavor

Mark LaFavor

Utility is at the core of craft. In that spirit, we present six place settings meant to be enjoyed through use, with a bit about the artists who made them.

One ceramist imagines her tumblers as part of a morning ritual. Another visualizes his cheerful bowls loaded with ice cream topped with rain­­bow sprinkles. A third wants the “stubborn physicality” of his pots to slow people down and make them pay closer attention to each moment.

Whatever the motivations for their work, these artists represent the wide range of ceramists making tableware today. Some make pieces that are spare in their aesthetic; others decorate lavishly. In every case, however, they see their pots adding social and emotional richness to everyday life.

Read each artist's perspective on creating functional work in clay - and see the tableware that embodies their views: Joseph Pintz, Diana Fayt, Tara Wilson, Paul Eshelman, Heather Mae Erickson, Jason Bige Burnett.