Gathering at the Table

Gathering at the Table

Gathering at the Table

Fall 2022 issue of American Craft magazine
dining table with assortment of handmade dishes and utensils some with food

Photo courtesy of Lisa and Adam Mauer Elliott.

For Lisa and Adam Mauer Elliott, the art directors of American Craft, using what is made by hand connects them to the makers. For 27 years, they’ve purchased, made, and been gifted with craft for their home. Their table is set here with pieces by 16 artists, including Taeko Tanaka Perry, Sue Pariseau, Jim Sannerud, ME Speak Design, Pig’s Eye Pottery, Estelle Mauer (Lisa’s mom), and Lisa and Adam themselves. “To eat on any given day is to be nourished by the work of many,” says Lisa, “and by earth, sun, water, fire, heart, time. A simple act of setting the table becomes a dance—a gift, both palpable and profoundly powerful—of time spent noticing and appreciating connected-to-the-earth things and the people who made them. There’s a community of artists—Tom, Taeko, Leo, Alexis, Adam, Estelle, Sue, Jason, Lisa, Eric and Lori, Jim, and Jojo—in attendance at this table.”


P.S. Share your craft collection with us. We’d love to see and hear about the pieces in your home that you love—whether it’s one special work, a collection on a shelf, or a table set with handmade dishes. Please send us a high-resolution image along with a brief description. We may publish your image in print or share it on social media! Send to: [email protected].

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